Here is the state of my neoprene lens covers from a leading manufacturer after a few years

frayed lens cover

When you spend a good chunk of money on your camera lens a quality neoprene cover can help keep it free of knocks and scratches

As well as adding some padding, neoprene covers keep the moisture off, make it easier to grip, takes the chill off holding it in cold weather, and come in a variety of useful patterns to camouflage your presence when shooting wildlife.

However not all covers are the same.  As you can see it was time to replace mine as the edges started to fray badly...

frayed edging of neoprene cover

Asking around on a Facebook group for bird photographers I ordered my replacements which have just arrived.

I noticed one obvious difference...

A Stiched Hem!

A neatly stitched hem!

Not only is the quality so much better and I have no doubts will last longer - and the cost was significantly less than the 'leading manufacturer' with a swift delivery during these challenging times.

Lens cover complete set

So I heartily recommend this website for all your wildlife camera covers

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