You may order Artwork or images for purchase on this website as prints or full resolution original files (with the watermark removed)

You can decide whether you wish to pay cash when you pick up your order (locally in West Cork, Ireland) or Pay Online (Paypal or Credit/Debit Card)

There are two ways you can buy.

Method 1 - From the Gallery View

1. Click on a Collection (or Album) e.g.

2. You should see some introductory text following by a long list of images

3. Just above the first image you should see a green button that looks like this:

buy images button

4. When you click this button you should see an Add to Cart icon appear at the bottom right-hand corner that looks like this...

cart button

5. When you find an image you would like to purchase just click on the Add to Cart button

6. Now make your choices by increasing or decreasing the quantity with the green minus or plus button

7. Then you can click to Continue Shopping or Buy now (to go to the checkout)
Either way, you should notice a new Cart section along the top of the website showing you a summary of items you have chosen so far like this...

cart summary

8. When you are ready you can click the Buy now button to create your order.

9. Make any amendments to your order then click the Continue to Checkout button (bottom right)

10. Decide whether you wish to pay online or pay Cash on pickup (locally in West Cork, Ireland)

11. Complete you details then click Save and Continue

12. Review your order details and if you are happy scroll to the bottom and click Create Order Now

You should receive a confirmation of your order in your email.

Method 2 - From the Lightbox View

1. Click on a Gallery (or Album) e.g.

2. You should see some introductory text following by a long list of images

3. Click on an image you would like to buy - it should open it in a full screen lightbox

4. Move your mouse in the dark area at the top right and you should see this row of icons...

cart icon lightbox

5. Click the Add to Cart icon (circled above) - now go to step 6 above and complete your order